When the Jeep Wrangler JK was released to the public and companies like AEV began producing aftermarket suspensions, it quickly became apparent that more than just corrected suspension geometry would be required to maintain proper on and offroad handling.  The JK combined with its solid axles, new higher center of gravity, and larger tires increased the performance demands of its wheels.  Since no manufacturer in the market could produce the perfect wheel to meet the end users’ demands and achieve TUV certification, ORZ stepped up to the challenge. 

ORZ was founded in January 1996 and with its years of experience and unrivaled engineering team, they were able to achieve what others deemed impossible.  In 2013 ORZ released the brand name “Bawarrion”. Bawarrion is a compound word from Bavarian, the english word for the German state "Bayern" and the english word Worrior. The lion from the Bavarian coat of arms is also found in the initial letter of the word Bawarrion. In most cases, this "lion B" stands as the logo of the brand.

The first product was the on and off-road high-performance wheel “Coffi`”. 

According to the end users, the Bawarrion Coffi` continues to have high success and demand in today’s market. Bawarrion’s subsequent alloy wheel variations and its ever-increasing list of Jeep accessories continue to penetrate the market, exceed customer demands, and maintain various levels of ABE and TUV certifications and approvals. 

Since the release of the Bawarrion brand, multiple products have been first to the market such as a high clearance trailer hitch system and pedestrian protection for Jeeps steel bumpers. Until then, most parts were primarily intended for the European market with its special testing regulations.

SEMA and the US market saw the release of the Bawarrion “M7-15” front clip kit for the Wrangler JK 4-door Unlimited in 2016. This kit was quickly chosen as one of the top 10 conversion kits available at SEMA for its beauty and styling.  Well over 100 kits were pre-ordered during SEMA that year.

Only the greed of the commissioned manufacturer prevented the incredible success of this kit. The existing patent rights could only be enforced with a time delay and so this real Bawarrion “M7-15” is no longer on the market. 

ORZ has several patented products under the Bawarrion brand name including the newly released modular rack and hardtop system for RAM named the “DTX FrameTop”.  

In 2022 the Bawarrion product line was released to the US market and became available with distribution through the team at ORZ USA LLC based in Northern Nevada.

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