Wheel Accessories

Center Caps

We love the Center Caps! Bawarrion also offers the center caps of the wheels individually. Whether as a replacement or simply to redesign your Bawarrion wheels. SKU Description Version BAWCAPBCAB Center CapØ 63mm Matte Black Bawarrion Logo: Chrom BAWCAPBBAB Center CapØ 63mm Matte Black Bawarrion Logo: Matte Black BAWCAPANANAB Center CapØ 63mm Gun Metal Bawarrion […]

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Lug Nut

Wheel nuts are also a way to customize his wheel. Available in different sizes. SKU Description Version BAW12BKC black hard chrome plated 1/2" x 1.5 BAWM14BKCL black hard chrome plated M14 x 1.5

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The ring spacer is required for the Bon'Z beadlock rim when tires are mounted whose bead is thicker than 21mm. The Ringspacer is 3mm (1/8") thick and made of plastic. SKU Description Version BAWB3+3 Ringspacer for Bon`Z Beadlock 1/8"

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