Atrax 10-Bolt

The Bawarrion Atrax was originally a RAM exclusive (with exception of the Jeep J8 and its larger bolt pattern).  As additional Jeep customers became aware of the new Atrax styling, requests for a larger diameter wheel began to pile up.  Bawarrion was able to meet multiple vehicle applications with a single 20” wheel diameter that […]

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Atrax 18

When RAM DS was updated to DT, the Atrax 17 was no longer compatible due to the upgraded 6 lug bolt pattern and larger brake system.  RAM DT customers immediately began requesting a Bawarrion solution.  Bawarrion responded and the Atrax 18 was born, just like the Atrax 17 the 18 is approved by TUV Sud […]

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Atrax 17

Bawarrion has made a big name for itself as a Jeep wheel manufacturer, but the RAM customers were relentlessly requesting a version for them.  Most RAM wheels on the market at that time were 20” or larger which made tire availability limited and difficult while also providing tire mounting issues for most tire shops.  Bawarrion […]

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