There has never been anything like this!

 Modular System

We proudly present our patented Bawarrion DTX Rack for the Ram 1500 with a 5.7 bed. This rack isn't just a rack. It offers much, much more ...

IConstructed from 4mm thick, black powder coated stainless steel, the Bawarrion DTX Rack system provides unparalleled strength and stability. From a bottle opener to grab handles and tie downs, our patented slot system allows you to configure the rack to meet your individual needs quickly and easily,  we have thought of everything. Unlike our competition, the DTX Rack system utilizes high strength mounting brackets that attach directly to the body at all four bed corners.  This design increases stability without obstructing the cargo area in any way. The DTX Rack System provides unmatched strength and versatility while maintaining OEM styling and body lines.

BAWDTXRDT57DTX Rack5.7ft. Bed RAM1500 DT
increases the versatility of your DTX Rack
required for mounting the Bawarrion FrameTop
for Bawarrion DTX Rack
BAWDTXSPI57Inner "Independence" Panelsfor Bawarrion DTX Rack
BAWDTXSPO57Outer "Independence" Panelsfor Bawarrion DTX Rack
BAWDTXCRKMirror Cam Relocation Kit for Bawarrion DTX Rack
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